test-aankoop (magazines) Grete Neseblod Omnia Mutantur, Nihil Interit The dummies Franz Willem Martin Ronsmans Study of a Shadow Fabrik exhibition Typeface Mijn dag nutteloos gevuld Redesign Humo Drift Minima Docta Record Sleeves Infographic Wunderkammer Drawings


→ test-aankoop (magazines)
13.08.2018 — three months in the editorial department of test purchase as a graphic designer. Responsible for the digital magazines and the archiving.

→ Grete Neseblod
07.04.2018 — A book we made for Norwegian artist Grete Neseblod: ‘The True Meaning of S.M.H.’, published by onomatopeenet. A collaboration between me and Graphic Designer Roosje Klap.

→ Some Things Hidden
16.01.2018 — A magazine I made during my intership at Studio Roosje Klap. A year long research art project of The Female Perspective, with contributions by a.o. Renee Turner, Pieter Paul Pothoven, Patricia Kaersenhout, Alexis Blake and many more.

→ Omnia Mutantur, Nihil Interit
15.06.2017 — My masterbook relates to what Pythagoras called the theory of the eternal change. The book illustrates the concept of the eternal change through both text and image..

→ The dummies
15.06.2017 — A series of dummies which illustrates the concept and the system I used for my main masterbook.

→ Franz Willem
27.04.2017 — Alternative Facts: A sequence for a fictional artist called Franz Willem. A workshop in Geneve conducted by Jan & Randoald.

→ Study of a Shadow
20.01.2017 — A research about the change of shadows. The form of the shadow depends on the light source and the distance in relation to the object.

→ Martin Ronsmans
01.03.2017 — A completely new identity for independent Martin Ronsmans. - general buildings, contractors - renovations, convention and restoration.

→ Fabrik exhibition
03.11.2016 — A collaboration with Julie Van Kerckhoven in Leuven. A series of pictures are shown that create an interaction between ourselves and the space.

→ Typeface
08.06.2016 — A font based on the architectural construction of the Firmenzentrale Kaffee Partner in Osnabrück, Germany.

→ Mijn dag nutteloos gevuld
03.06.2016 — A publication that maps out the useless actions of the day.

← Redesign Humo
15.03.2016 — Humo reorderd according to the reading direction of text and image.

→ Drift
19.11.15 — Visual identity for Drift, a platform for performance art that focusses on artistic development of young artists.

→ Minima Docta
05.10.2015 — Poster The Sound Of Belgium

→ Record Sleeves
17.03.2015 — Series of LP covers with an adapted font.

→ Infographic
18.12.2014 — According to this conspiracy theory, the moon landing would never really have taken place, but would all be put in scene. I made a poster where this fictional moon landing is represented.

→ Wunderkammer
12.11.2014 — A collection of pictures where rarities are preserved. The focus is on the illusion that a picture can bring and which can also mislead the viewer.

→ Drawings
Throughout my bachelor — A small selection of model drawings.