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This book, which I made for my master, actually relates to what Pythagoras called the theory of the eternal change. ‘Omnia Mutantur, Nihil Interit’ which means, nothing lasts forever and nothing perishes. I used a mirror as a metaphor for this principle.

A mirror has a fixed form but the reflection it shows is constantly going though a metamorphosis. To further illustrate this concept of transformation I used different kinds of text. By combining the images of reflections and mirrors with text, I illustrate the concept of eternal change in their own way. The main text I used is one from Ovidius: ‘Metamorphosis’. I used it at both the beginning and the end of my book to emphasize the reflection within the book itself.

The remaining texts you will find in ‘Omnia Mutantur, Nihil Interit’ were separated into two categories. The first category exists of texts equal to ‘Metamorphosis’ due to their form, they reflect on a visual level. The second category is formed by the remaining texts thats stand on their own. They have already their own graphical treatment and still reflect the concept of reflection itself by their narrative content. ‘Omnia Mutantur, Nihil Interit’ has become an illustration of eternal change through both text and image. This project has won the jury prize at LUCA School of Arts.



→ Libelle
magazine — Permanent freelancer in the editorial department of Libelle as a graphic designer.

→ Burn
graphic identity — logo & animations

→ Pappies Hobbies
poster & tickets — event / theater performance: de jonge toneelminnaars

→ In de maak (festival)
graphic identity — logo, social media content, flyers, posters, and other printed matter

→ We Are What We Are
poster — A series of posters for an exhibition curated by Hans Demeulenaere. Idea of a poster on a poster, which almost works like a book.

→ Information on an annual basis
book — A book about the abundance of information in our society, exhibited at the Habitat festival.

→ Test-Aankoop
magazine — Three months in the editorial department of test-aankoop as a graphic designer. Responsible for the digital magazines and the archiving.

→ Grete Neseblod
book — A book we made for Norwegian artist Grete Neseblod: ‘The True Meaning of S.M.H.’, published by onomatopeenet. A collaboration between me and Roosje Klap.

→ Some Things Hidden
magazine — A magazine I made during my intership at Studio Roosje Klap. A year long research art project of The Female Perspective, with contributions by a.o. Renee Turner, Pieter Paul Pothoven, Patricia Kaersenhout, Alexis Blake and many more.

→ Design+Desires
graphic identity — logo, social media content, posters, animation & website design (made during my intership at Studio Roosje Klap).

← Omnia Mutantur, Nihil Interit
book — My masterbook relates to what Pythagoras called the theory of the eternal change. The book illustrates the concept of the eternal change through both text and image.

→ The dummies
book — A series of dummies which illustrates the concept and the system I used for my main masterbook.

→ Cri-ation
graphic identity — logo & business cards

→ Martin Ronsmans
graphic identity — logo, flyer, folder and other printed matter

→ Typeface
font — A self made font based on the architectural construction of the Firmenzentrale Kaffee Partner in Osnabrück, Germany.

→ Minima Docta
poster — Poster The Sound Of Belgium

→ Wunderkammer
book — A collection of pictures where rarities are preserved. The focus is on the illusion that a picture can bring and which can also mislead the viewer.

→ Drawings
drawings — A small selection of model drawings.